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Some historic Buddhist artifacts

My last post mentioned a travelling show of Buddhist artifacts, this one will offer a few images from the Glenbow museum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

There is much more to see than these few images, and the Glenbow also offers insight into Alberta and Canadian history, so well worth a visit.


This is an image of a walking Buddha from Sukothai Thailand from the 14th or 15th century. The Sukothai kingdom flourished between 1250 – 1450 A.D. in what is now known as Thailand.


This statue of a Bodhisattva is from  the Western region of Tibet, and is from the 11th or 12th century. Bodhisattva means Buddha to be.


This statue of The Buddha is from the Gupta period in India, approximately the 5th century A.D.


Mahachakra Vajrapani, one of the protectors of Lhasa the holy city in Tibet. There is some question where this image was created, as the style could be from Mongolia, Tibet or China in the 18th century.


A Jodo Shinshu Buddhist shrine from Kyoto Japan. This was crafted in the 1930s.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and one day get a chance to see them in person.

The Glenbow Museum website.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Curves. I bet you can find curves wherever you are. Show me!


I choose this picture, because there are many curves present. However usually we are too busy to notice them, as we are concentrating on the content, more than the shape.

Warning curves ahead: Click here to see more.


To see more curves click here.

Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Firstly sorry about not posting, the last few weeks have been hectic. From major dental work, to getting ready to run this Sunday in Calgary, have when added to the daily grind meant, computer time has been rare. So over the next week I’ll be back posting, but more importantly checking out your posts.

In late 2010 when I started this blog, my goal was to express myself about daily issues. Have I achieved them, in most ways I would have to say yes.

However my blog has changed, from Keiththegreen’s blog to A Western Buddhist’s Travels. I also added the sight seeing and detours tagline, as I tend to see like to see what’s off the beaten path. I don’t spend 24 hours a day studying Buddhism, I have to live in the real world, which means work, friends, relationships, family, coffee, etc. So things such as great tasting recipes may find themselves re-blogged here. I have even been known to request a recipe or three when I have read a description of something that sounds tasty. Oh as a qualifier I like the taste of Durian, and 5 chili Thai food, so adopt the recipes you find useful and edible. For those who have never tried Durian, it is also known as the “king of fruits” for its custard-like, almond-flavored flesh. However the smell, is unique, as this newspaper report from January will describe, Durian prompts evacuation of mall.

Sometimes tech stuff that might escape the consumer of tech, who doesn’t stay leading edge, let alone bleeding edge(where the price causes you to get paper cuts reaching into your wallet). Also at times I pass along helpful hints such as creating a secure log in password from a phrase, that means something to you, so you can always recreate the password.

I also still talk about environmental issues from time to time. I have repeated a saying here several times, that “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, but we borrow the earth from our children.” Watching someone justify the waste of resources, or intentionally harming the environment will get me vocal.To a Buddhist, everything is interconnected and interdependent. Having held a family dog, as he was put to sleep by a vet to ease his suffering, I know they have feelings. I still occasionally consume meat or seafood, but am working on being 100% vegetarian. If I am someplace where I am not in control of the menu, as I try not to impose my views on others, but as those of you who follow my blog know, I will discuss them. I have the same view as the 14th Dalai Lama, that in most cases the religion you were born and raised with is the best road for you to follow. However I also add, if you can’t abide by the norms and dictates of the path you were raised to follow, then choose a path that makes you a better person. The religion that you follow will not make you a good person, rather it is the successful integration of the moral values of said religion into your life that will do so. Respecting others who follow a different path, shows you are secure enough to know, everyone has their own journey, and that your’s is uniquely your own.

Will my blog change, of course. However it will hopefully continue to have something that you find engaging, or useful, perhaps even humorous within it. As always if you disagree with what I write, please feel free to let me know. Constructive debate will always be welcome, and perhaps we both will expand our horizons. Personal attacks against any commentator on my post will not be tolerated, as each of us has the right to our viewpoint.


More goals achieved or started.

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