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2012 The Last Post

As promised here’s my top 25 posts I have read this year. This wasn’t easy to whittle down to 25, a top 100 would have been easier. I bring you the 25 posts that entertained, challenged, caused me to say “I didn’t see that ending, or any other emotion that probably ended up with me choosing to follow someone. Also only one per blogger, need to shine the light on as many as I can. In many cases the person posted something I liked even better. So in no particular order, and without further ado, the envelope please.























http://captainduff.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/10-000-and-counting-thank-you/ 23



I hope you will visit these fine bloggers and read a few of their posts, you might just be clicking follow on a few of them.

The disclaimer, no promotional fees were received for recommending these fine blogs, the reward is in the sharing. I could easily have named many other fine blogs, but I had said 25.


Daily Prompt: The Early Years, The untold story.

Write page three of your autobiography.

My parents weren’t sure what the unexpected, not so small bundle of joy was to bring to their lives. I quickly received the nickname The Little Professor from my mon, when I tried to check out more books on my first trip to the local library, than I could borrow at one time, my reason to the librarian according to mom, was but I can only come on Saturdays, so I need 7 books not 5. For not the first time in my life, I lost the argument. Another story mom enjoyed reminding me of, was Sargent a German Shepard who washed out of the RCMP police dog school, for being too nice. He quickly became my best friend, constant companion, and trusty sidekick. As befitting his status, one morning mom came home to find me sharing cookies with him, and proceeded to remove said item from my diet, for a while. My dad liked to remind me of the second week in grade one, when I brought home a note from my teacher. Now back then this was considered a last resort, so when I handed it to my parents they were mortified, dad said he had visions of having to transfer me to a different school. Of course I couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about, as I had no problem finishing all the assignments in class. So dad opened the missive, with the care I would later see on movies of the bomb tech, disarming the nuclear device with a second or less to spare. He read it, then I remember him laughing/choking/and trying to speak all at once. The note asked for my parents to come in for a meeting, as the teacher was at her wit’s end. My parents had done such a great job teaching me that I was functioning at a late grade two level. At the meeting my parents were informed that she had originally thought I was being lazy on the assignments, till she checked and they were all done well before most of the others. So to keep me busy she handed me a newspaper, and had asked me to cut out words I knew, then quizzed me to see if I did. I stayed with my friends, didn’t get pushed ahead, and in the long run was glad I went through school with them till we moved. Next the early middle years, but you may have to wait for that one. As my dad used to say, having me for a son, was good and bad karma coming back to him, and mom was quite willing to let him accept the responsibility. 😛


Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful

Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.

As a Buddhist, faith is something that has to be supported before it’s given. Spiritual practices have to align with the scientific world, not suspend believe in what our senses tell us. I wake each morning, and practice a period of meditation. This allows me to focus on the day ahead, meeting the challenges and opportunities that come along with the right frame of mind. Reminding myself that nothing is permanent, allows me to weather the bad, while not getting caught living on past glory. At the end of most days, I will meditate on the day’s events, reviewing how I accepted what life offered. Did I do my best to consider what is best for other beings, not just myself? Have I left the world in the same or an improved condition, then when I started. It is not that everyday, I succeed, as we all will fail at times, but rather have I gained wisdom from my thoughts, speech and actions, allowing me to improve my response the next time. For regardless of what faith, or religion we follow, they all share the goal of encouraging us to become better, to reduce the causes of suffering, and to be a better person.


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