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Daily Prompt: Free Association, The Earth comforts, and renews us!

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home. Comfort

. . . soil. Earth

. . . rain. Renewal

Use those words in the title of your post.

Part of my choosing to live as a Buddhist, is that it requires me to consider how my thoughts, speech and actions impact other beings. This has allowed me the comfortable feeling of not being stressed about having the latest it item. I’ll use the cellphone as an example, Apple Iphone which has released a new must have model every year or recently less than a year. Many people line up to replace the current model with the new one, only the last release saw something unprecedented, loyal customers upset that there was less than one year between releases. People are starting to demand considerable improvement between models, to justify changing. Currently the projection according to industry publications is that Apple will be lucky to achieve a 22% market share. Have no fear, there is a rumor of a fingerprint scanner in the next version, yet with the quality of camera most phones have, an app to compare your iris with the registered owner would be easily implemented. I am planning on replacing my Motorola Milestone XT720 because I recently damaged the screen. This phone which is almost 3 years old, has an 8mb camera and xenon flash, which is one of the reasons I chose it. As I use MSFT products on my computer, I am seriously considering the Nokia Lumia 920 as a replacement. This purchase fits with my philosophy to replace what needs to be replaced, not buying to keep up with the lemmings. My current phone will be delivered to a recycling facility that supports the Basel Convention through support of BAN.

This is a small example of how we can maintain a level of comfort in our lives, while our technology goes through a process of renewal, while respecting the earth is a finite resource.




I woke up, so it’s a great day!

For the last little while, I have been working on waking up with the attitude of: “I woke up, so it’s a great day”. It’s still not automatic, however I am finding I am in a happier mood to start most of my days. I am not saying today will be better or worse than yesterday, rather accepting what comes, and looking forward to it. The good and the bad, from yesterday is left there, tomorrows worries can be handled then. Today it’s wake up, smell the fresh air, maybe with the haze from forest fires in Russia and the US mid-west, not as fresh as usual. But still a lot cleaner than many major cities on their best day for air quality. The birds were chirping from the Japanese cherry tree outside. It’s cloudy and we might get some rain, but that is nature, and the plants need moisture, so let it rain. If you start your day with a good attitude, it seems the rest of the day goes smoother, so tomorrow when you wake up, give it a try. Just don’t expect to feel like the king of the world first day, so give it a month, soon you will notice a change in yourself, and how you interact with others. You night even cause a few more smiles, which makes everyone happier. Have a great day.

Buddhism is infinite potential exists in all

From the book of the last couple days, I came across the perfect rebuttal to those that say Buddhism is al negative or about suffering. As Buddha taught us all sentient beings have the same desire, to minimize pain, and to be happy. As we gain experience and knowledge, with practice we come closer to Nirvana. This can be summed up as every sentient being has the potential of infinite virtue and happiness.Things are neither identical no differentiated. In other words they are neither the same nor different. Regardless of our actions life goes on like the flow of water, it may move fast, it may slow down and cover wide expanses, it may drop as a waterfall, but eventually it reaches the ocean, where it will at some point evaporate form part of a cloud, traverse a distance, and fall as rain to start the cycle over again.So is our journey in life, we are born into a physical body, live, die, leave our physical existence and at some point return in a new body to start the cycle over again.Just as the drop of water may become a rain drop, a snowflake, a part of an iceberg, or a vapour, so do can our physical form change from one life to the next. The potential is still there, and if when we have the ability to choose actions we follow the teachings of the Buddha we will eventually achieve Nirvana.

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