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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture








A culture of staying fit and enjoying the great outdoors.

Lumix july 03-2010 139 (2)

Standing among Canadian First Nations Totem poles.

Granville Island Market

The local market where food and culture mix.

Vancouver Dragon Boat Race

Of course cultures travel to new places.

Granville street pedestrian day

 Urban culture  seems to be the same wherever you may find it.

Canada as a nation isn’t yet 150 years old, yet it has a culture of it’s own. From the First nations through the over 100 nationalities that have come here. The culture is different in Vancouver, than Ottawa, and yet again from St. Johns. Yet the culture found here now is different than the one I grew up with, it has become cosmopolitan, accepting parts from every new culture that adds to the mix, evolving, shifting, and living.

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Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

childhood home

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?

I grabbed this shot of my childhood home from Google streetview, partly to see what’s changed. The fence I built as a teenager is still there. Before that there was a caragana bush hedge, that was ruining the front lawn. So my parents offered me what I thought was a king’s ransom to remove the bushes, and build the fence. Oh, did I mention they forgot to tell me how hard it is to get rid of  a caragana bush. I ended up digging a trench, then chopping the roots out. Then I pre-dug holes for the fence posts with a fence pole auger.  This was followed by laying a heavy plastic liner to stop most of the roots, which was back filled with topsoil. Finally building the rest of the fence.

caragana hedge

So why do I mention this, it’s the one thing I would change, but then again, nah I wouldn’t change it. It taught me to know what I was getting into before accepting any deals offered my way. That lesson is one of the most important lessons we can learn in live.

Today’s Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

Today’s Daily Challenge is a good one, as it causes you to think about how you want to be remembered. What actions, do you need to do to be remembered that way, or perhaps changes to make in your life.

Keith Allen Pilipchuk 1959 – ????

Keith was born to be in the middle it seemed. He walked the middle of Christianity and Buddhism, learning from both, ultimately following the one his heart and mind agreed on.

He was born at the end of the baby boomer years, but had more in common with those who followed. He adopted to the technology that followed, better than many younger than him. Perhaps because he saw it as tools, not life.

As a child born in the New World from parents from East and West, he grew up with the attitude we are all wanting the same things. Asian, Amerind, Caucasian, or any other we all have the same needs, nutritious food, fresh water, clean air, and love and companionship.

His motto was to follow the four L’s of Life: Live, Learn, Labor, and Love,

In his life he allowed fate to offer different paths, then he chose one.

Learning was a lifelong pursuit, which lead him to traverse the world.Work was something that allowed him to help others, as well as carry out his own goals. He learned that work was a means to an end, not the goal of the journey.

Growing up with two parents who loved each other without reservation, he searched for the same. He learned a lot of lessons from his failed marriage, and for years he never said I love you to another lady in the same way. Then he surprised all of us when he told us he had found the last one he would say those words to, and years later she was still the only one in his heart.

On his path, he stopped to smell the roses, pet the animals, and give smiles where he could. Sharing laughter, food, friendship and love meant more than the bottom line. For he knew it was the memories you leave behind that are your legacy.

His last request was no flowers for his grave, rather find a stranger in need and buy them a meal, for that would be a better legacy than flowers that wither and die. For his greatest wish, was that he encouraged others to be compassionate to all they meet.

To see the obits from some of my friends and fellow bloggers, and add your own obituary head to:


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