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Those pesky passwords

These last few weeks I have updated myself about the newest and best about privacy and security for the devices I use. I have highlighted Google and their apparent attitude that what I store with them is theirs to look at, and use. Today I’m going to help you with passwords, by introducing an app that you can use on your PC, mac, iPhone, and android phones. Best of all, it’s for the low, low price of free.

Check out the Dashlane homepage.

Of course I encourage you to research the product yourself, so  here are a couple respected sources to start with;

The New York Times


If you want just Bing for more info, or you can use that other search engine. Hope this helps you out, and if you like pass along the info to your friends. colleagues and anyone else, as the more secure everyone is, the more secure we all are.

Update 19 Aug 2013 If you want 6 months free premium here is my referral link:

Get 6 months premium features free


Neophobe or Neophile

Two terms to describe the opposite viewpoints about things new to us. Neo come from the ancient Greek word neos which means young or new. Phobe from the ancient Greek word phobos, which means fearing. While phile means to love or enthusiast for, again derived from ancient Greek.

So when it comes to accepting new ideas, adopting new technology, or meeting new people of different cultures which describes you, or are you a neophobe in some areas and a neophile in other areas of your life. Lets look at a few areas where you can be one or the other.

New ideas have occurred since before man discovered how to control fire, and these ideas have been circulated and improved on. Take fire as an example, it can keep us warm, give light, scare away predators, dry our clothes and ourselves, cook our food, and it can also destroy everything in it’s path. Yet man learned how to control this force of nature, and made it a tool, which we still depend on today. The same with any technology that has been discovered, or will be discovered in the future. Nuclear energy has advantages and disadvantages, so does solar power, fossil fuels, wind power yet the world’s demand for power continues to grow. As an individual are you contributing to this demand for power, if so have you thought about how this power should be provided, and what costs, both economical and environmental you are willing to pay to get access to the power you need? Does everybody in the world have the same right to use the amount of energy you consume, on a daily basis? Can the world support the production of the energy your lifestyle requires? How about other beings on the planet, are they to have their homes sacrificed in the pursuit of this power?

Today in medicine we have progressed to the point where a fair number of injuries are repairable, including the replacement of limbs, a damaged heart, loss of hearing to name a few. We have stepped on to the path of gene therapy to treat diseases, including while the fetus is in the womb, known as in utero treatment. If you suffer from type two diabetes, you may have access to islet transplants using cells harvested from a pig, to restore your insulin production. Treatments for such diseases as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and cancer have emerged, some already in use others in testing. If we could cure all disease and extend the average human life span to one hundred years or more, the question is should we do so? What impacts on the economy would this have, on the learning of a skill to support your family and keep up employment?

Perhaps you are the type of person who rapidly accepts and adopts all the new technology, should companies have to make major improvements before releasing a new model, or are incremental improvements acceptable? Many loyal IPhone owners were upset when the lifespan of a model became less than a year. Microsoft has an approximate 3 year life span for a new version of Windows, and support for an extra four years. How about manufactures of vehicles that sell next years model, before this year is barely started, should this be regulated to give uniformity, or will we soon see the release of the 2020 NVC (new vehicle concept) to consumers in 2018 perhaps, skipping the 2019 model year altogether.

The day of the implantable cell phone are rapidly approaching, will you be one of the first to adopt these, or will you be a hold out? Consider you won’t have to worry about losing or forgetting your cell phone. However you will never be able to say you didn’t have it when the boss is asking why you didn’t answer. Or perhaps your enjoying some quality time with your spouse, and really want the privacy. There are also the potential health risks involved, or do you consider those an acceptable trade off, for the convenience. For myself, fittingly I walk a middle path, neither afraid of advances in our knowledge, yet not always being on the bleeding edge of adopting new ideas.

These are not easy questions to answer, but answer them we must, and our decisions will impact all other beings on the planet. So are you a neophile or a neophobe?

Speaking of technology, here’s a post from Tilly about it.

Daily Prompt: Free Association, The Earth comforts, and renews us!

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home. Comfort

. . . soil. Earth

. . . rain. Renewal

Use those words in the title of your post.

Part of my choosing to live as a Buddhist, is that it requires me to consider how my thoughts, speech and actions impact other beings. This has allowed me the comfortable feeling of not being stressed about having the latest it item. I’ll use the cellphone as an example, Apple Iphone which has released a new must have model every year or recently less than a year. Many people line up to replace the current model with the new one, only the last release saw something unprecedented, loyal customers upset that there was less than one year between releases. People are starting to demand considerable improvement between models, to justify changing. Currently the projection according to industry publications is that Apple will be lucky to achieve a 22% market share. Have no fear, there is a rumor of a fingerprint scanner in the next version, yet with the quality of camera most phones have, an app to compare your iris with the registered owner would be easily implemented. I am planning on replacing my Motorola Milestone XT720 because I recently damaged the screen. This phone which is almost 3 years old, has an 8mb camera and xenon flash, which is one of the reasons I chose it. As I use MSFT products on my computer, I am seriously considering the Nokia Lumia 920 as a replacement. This purchase fits with my philosophy to replace what needs to be replaced, not buying to keep up with the lemmings. My current phone will be delivered to a recycling facility that supports the Basel Convention through support of BAN.

This is a small example of how we can maintain a level of comfort in our lives, while our technology goes through a process of renewal, while respecting the earth is a finite resource.




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