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Daily Prompt: Flawed?

What is your worst quality?

Todays daily post inspiration had me puzzled at first. Flawed, moi but how can this be. I am a work in progress, I am not the finished person I intend to be. So therefore as I am in a state of constant flux,  in transition, and ongoing improvement, how can I deemed flawed?

If you ask me what areas I need to work on I could give you a list. However narrowing it down to one, is a challenge. So I will leave you in suspense for a few more lines, as I count down from 10. So no scrolling down to see number one, ah, hey what did I just say about scrolling down to the end of the list?

10. I don’t always eat breakfast. I know it’s the most important meal of the day, but some mornings it gets between me and my coffee, and those who know me, know coffee is the elixir of daily living.

9. I need to lose 10kg, however finding the motivation to do so, after losing 24kg, which I gained a few years back while waiting for surgery, isn’t always easy. I am at the upper end for the range of  healthy bmi for my height and bone structure. Also being the same weight as I graduated from high school, is not bad in my eyes. Now if I could just get those chest muscles tightened up so my waist was the same size as back then. 🙂

8. I don’t worry about being in fashion. I can wear a tux, or Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt and feel at home in anything in between as well. However I wear what is right to the occasion, and feels comfortable. You will never see me attempt to imitate 007, and wear a tux into the pool. However there was this one time for Halloween, where I wore a tux, and carried a martini glass as my costume. I would walk up to people, and introduce myself, Bombed, James Bombed.For those that may not be familiar with English, bombed can also mean very drunk.

7. I still drive a car. I no longer own one, and get one from a car co-op when I needed it. But having grown up before the first energy crisis, I have been driving since I was a teenager, so I’m pretty sure that beside the hockey sticks you would find in my DNA as a typical Canadian, you would find a couple of gas pedals as well.

6. I am a speed walker, forever slowing my pace to accomdate mere plodders and strollers. However I willing do this, as it allows me to spend time with those who I consider my friends. I accept that some of them have short legs, and would have to jog to keep up with me. Now that I think about it, some of them need more exercise anyways.

5. I will stop to smell the flowers, but only if I stopped to take a photo or grab another java. I’m still working on slowing my pace down, without ending up stuck on the couch.

4. I accept people for who they present themselves as, until they show otherwise. This doesn’t mean I am going to hand over my bank account, or other valuables to just anyone. Rather I prefer to start a friendship or relationship with the assumption of mutual trust and respect. Think of the solar system, before they removed Pluto as a planet. I am the Sun, the vast majority of people are on Jupiter, and Saturn. As I get to know people those who I respect and trust, make the trip to Mars, then Earth till the very few are on Mercury. Relatives get a free pass to Earth, and I will grant that to in-laws as well. Those who I meet and find I don’t enjoy having in my presence end up on heading away from me, towards Pluto.

3. I am a geek, nerd or technoevangelist. I believe technology can make our lives better, and easier. However there is a fine line between using tech as a tool, and allowing ourselves to become slaves to the lure of trends and the risk of catching upgrade fever. So if I appear schizophrenic about technology, it’s because I’m still learning how to tap dance on a high wire.

2. I still haven’t become a vegetarian. I occasionally have a little seafood or meat in my diet. However it’s no longer a craving, rather to help keep my diet in balance, as being a healthy vegetarian requires planning. I know some of you will say, but being 100% vegetarian is part of my belief system, and would also help with those last 10kg, I mentioned back in point number nine. However I’m not perfect yet, but am working on it.

1. My biggest flaw, is that I really don’t have a big one. I don’t smoke, drink, or take drugs. Other than an occasional lottery ticket(here in Canada, the money is used by governments to help fund programs that taxes don’t pay for, so I consider the purchase of the occasional ticket as paying a voluntary tax). I strive to balance work and play. I willing share in the housework, and am a decent cook. I try to treat all with the same respect, and if I reach out to a homeless person, I make it a hand up, not a hand out. So am I flawed, of course, as I’m human. Except my flaws are more like the scratches on the lenses of an old pair of glasses, rather than a pair that is missing a lens or other part. Sometimes those scratches blur my vision, perhaps most of all, when I look in the mirror.

So thanks for reading, and if you want to read more people’s deepest darkest secret click here! Several of my blogging friends have posts there as well, however in this case I won’t link to them, and those of them who have posted for today, I’ll be reading.


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11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flawed?

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  2. Poor pluto, demoted and home to all those who have betrayed your trust. That (non) planet just has no luck at all.

  3. Bombed, James Bombed. haha that made me laugh! and yes, the transition towards eating purely vegetarian is a process, not too easy at all…same as with just eating healthier… ^^

  4. Karma Rinchen Tashi on said:

    Thanks Keith, wonderful flaws 🙂 Shall we see a James Bombed pic?

  5. James Bombed! LOL There certainly isn’t anything I would count as “flawed” though, just a little work in progress. I figure this is about where we should be, good enough to be happy, but not complacent enough to stop growing.

  6. Aligned on 10,9,3,1. Would love to hear some productivity and software recommendations on a future post (re: #3). Thanks Keith.

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