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What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

This is today’s topic from the daily prompt at WordPress.

It caused me to think and I came up with a wide range of things I hoped I wouldn’t hear about myself, especially from friends or those who know me. But then I started to think that is only a small percentage of those I encounter everyday, shouldn’t this topic mean everyone. Or is it acceptable to select which critics we listen to, ignoring the voices from the forest around us, selecting fruit from our favorite trees.

So lets explore a few of the topics that quickly came to my mind. I will leave the one I settled on till the end.

Selfish was one of the first labels that came to mind as “I hope I never hear I am (label). Thinking of this I realized although I thought about it, I tend to be one who shares what I have, within reasonable limits. I won’t do knowingly give something to someone if it could allow them to harm themselves. I have used the example of not giving money to a beggar, instead buying them food from a street vendor, or giving a can of V8 juice.

Gossiper was another that came to mind, and quickly was left as not applicable. When I was younger I used to engage in this behavior, which afflicts many of us from time to time. However the more I have come to accept myself, flaws and all, the more tolerant I have become of others. I tend to change the topic if someone starts gossiping, thus giving the message I’m not interested without giving the person a rebuke.

Fibber or liar, which once again would barely be applicable. I used to use little white lies, such as when a lady asked if a dress made her look unattractive, and seeing her facial expression that she really hoped I liked it. Today I would say something about how another outfit I have seen her in accentuates her qualities much more, or if pressed say I am not an advocate of the outfit in question. Hence I probably won’t be dragged off shopping anytime soon.

Superiority complex was the one I settled on as what I wouldn’t want to hear about myself. It denotes holding myself above others, judging myself and others, and making unnecessary distinctions between beings. It doesn’t matter how we try to justify considering ourselves as better than others, richer, smarter, looks, athletic ability or any other standard, they are all temporary. Think back to the people who said man would never break the four minute mile, and when it finally happened, that it would never be further reduced.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-minute_mile

How about superiority in wealth, while being called a millionaire isn’t quite what it used to be. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millionaire

We all are born into this life with the same as every other living being. We live our lives trying to be happy and avoid suffering in all its forms. When we die we ll leave behind the physical form we called ours, and we don’t take any of our possessions with us into the next life. So how can we feel a sense of superiority over anyone. So that is why I hope I never hear that I suffer from a superiority complex, for it would be much ado about nothing meaningful.

I would love to hear what you think your answer would be. By the way there is no right answer.



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15 thoughts on “What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

  1. hmmm I suppose I wouldn’t want anyone to say that I lack integrity

  2. Great post Keith. For me: Cruel. Mean. Lack integrity. Selfish

  3. I’m a therapist and I do not like it when people bandy about mental health diagnoses about other people. It is a misuse, mean spirited and inaccurate. It’s just a slightly more sophisticated form of name calling.
    You, know what I like?
    Even online.
    For the first time I saw someone be mean spirited and bullying towards another blogger yesterday. I didn’t say anything.
    It’s remarkable how kind most wp bloggers are!
    Like you.

  4. hmm, I guess selfish, unkind. yeah and also integrity. great post!

  5. Very interesting post.

  6. great post…I wouldn’t like to be called insensitive!

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