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How not to be Freshly Pressed

They haven’t found you yet…

There are thousands of posts that will tell you how to get Freshly Pressed. This post is for those who don’t want to be Freshly Pressed. How you can avoid the spotlight, so to speak. To blog without fear of causing a commotion or inspiring a revolution. Yes they will tell you only 19 per day get Freshly Pressed, but that still adds up to, over 6900 per year.

Thai Prawns with Green Peppers on rice noodles

First of all, check out the Freshly Pressed, you may notice a few recurring topics, food and photography being the top two, and the combination of them, makes up another popular category. I am starting to think there’s a message in this focus on food related blogs. Considering some of the foods that have been Freshly Pressed, it doesn’t require being a foodie. No I’m beginning to think the message, is for the editors, bosses, the subtle hint of how poor the remuneration they receive for all the hard work that goes into making WordPress, the daily centre piece for almost 400,000 of us. Unlike a restaurant or food critic, the editors here don’t get to nosh on tasty edibles, instead they have to suffer with temptation described, and even flaunted in elegant photos. Their diet consists of hastily grabbed snacks, as they pour over our scribbles, so they can find 19 posts, and then get to experience the life they have read about.

Secondly, don’t follow the Daily Post, as it will motivate you, and also point you in the direction of attracting the wandering eye of an editor. “From the folks at WordPress.com, The Daily Post is your home for blogging motivation. We will post blogging ideas and tips to help you get the most out of your blog.”  As quoted from the Daily Post. So as you can see, they are not only providing you with a roadmap, they are even willing to help program your gps for you, with the correct way points. They will also show you how to cover the same topic as everyone else is, by taking a look at the topic from a different perspective.

Avoid this and similar traps that will cause you to be noticed.

Thirdly avoid the comments sections on blogs you follow. A pithy reply or insightful addition to someone else’s blog will cause the editors to click on your Gravatar to find out who you are. This of course usually means they will end up reading a post or two of your blog. If they find something interesting, provocative, or even off the wall, which fits with the current pattern, there is a good chance they will consider it for Freshly Pressed.

Notice how it directs your eyes?

Fourthly, don’t add tags to your blogs. If you feel you must add tags, use the recommended ones. This will help minimize your chances of being found via search on WordPress or search engines.  These tags, will act like a big flashing neon arrow to your blog, saying “WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS OVER HERE” much like shouting in a library.

Palm trees and snow, only in Vancouver, Canada you say?

Finally placing pictures on your blog will lead to eyes being drawn in. If you add unique personally shot never seen before pictures, you will stand out from the masses. It’s safer to use pictures that have been seen countless times, as they will not catch the eye, as readily as something new and unexpected. Remember you’re a writer, who may also take photographs, not a photographer who also writes, or are you? As in the above picture, you see the contrast of snow and palm trees, this is something unusual, an eye grabber if you will.

The Freshly Pressed Award does not include a ribbon.

So to avoid all the pressure of writing a Freshly Pressed blog, just keep in mind the above guidelines. After all once you have been freshly pressed, you will have started down that path, of sharing your thoughts and passions with the world, and we all know that just leads to more blogging. Also if you end up freshly pressed, you will not only gain new followers, you will have to thank all those who congratulate you, which means you have to write some sort of acceptance and credits reply.


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30 thoughts on “How not to be Freshly Pressed

  1. allworldissues on said:

    Im glad you wrote this 🙂

  2. I think it would be delightful if this post was freshly pressed. 😉

  3. Hahaha, this so needs to get Freshly Pressed! Great post! 🙂

  4. alsview on said:

    Very creative look at a popular topic.

  5. Having been recently Freshly Pressed, it does add some pressure. I actually haven’t posted anything substantial because I know there’s like fifty or so people that could easily potentially read it. I’d be lying to say that doesn’t scare me a little.

    Then again, that’s how I found your blog too, and the very few others I’m now following. Thank you for reading my crazed babbling.

    • Take a deep breath, hold it now slow let it out,
      repeat as necessary, as for the pressure use it for perspiration, oops I meant inspiration, as in just keep blogging the way you feel like it, there’s no formula, it’s your thoughts

      • You’re right, of course, but I’ve always been very shy about my writing. I’d hoped to overcome it with WP, and it has helped, but I suppose it’s not an overnight thing to change years of ingrained thoughts. Thank you though, I always forget how potent breathing deeply is.

  6. Odd that blueinthis light (comment preceeding this one) refers to his (her?) “crazed” babbling, since I was going to start this comment with: “I’m having a slightly crazed reaction to this post…” And that’s because my own latest post made it to Freshly Pressed, and I’m such a newbie I don’t even know how that happens. So, sly dog you, and I enjoyed what you wrote. (And I thank you for liking my post!)

    • Thank you for the kind words, as to why one blog is chosen over another, don’t ask me. I wrote the post as I needed something, had bloggers block, so decided to poke fun at Freshly Pressed, as it was the frist target that I saw, that I had an idea about

  7. I really love your satire, especially since you left me a nice comment on my newly Freshly Pressed blog. All I have done today is ….shall I say….comment. Your writer’s block should be pressed.

  8. thanks for your humor …

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  10. This is great. Thank so much!

  11. Very tongue-in-cheek. I love it.

  12. You might need to prepare your acceptance speech right now. You never know. WordPress team might be pretty imPRESSED with this post.

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  14. Useful set of tips that work both ways, follow to be not freshly pressed or do the opposite to be freshly pressed! 🙂

  15. Great blog and where is the recipe link for that dish that you soooo featured? lol… just teasing Honestly you did do a great job.

    • I’ll post the recipie on the weekend, however I should warn you it’s Thai so hope you like it hot 😛

      • I make the batch and split then add the hot stuff …the hotter the better for my ex Army hubby he loves anything like that from over in that area of the country…I have learned to make a lot of Thai and Korean foods. 🙂

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