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Declaring peace with our planet

I have been looking up ideas that we can use to halt the destruction of our planet, or at minimum slow it down. There are a few things on the list, that I choose to do with out, if you have them, please use responsibly.

◘ If you have a home shrine, use the old water on your plants

◘ Turn the tap off while brushing teeth, shaving

◘ Turn the shower off while lathering/scrubbing

◘ Avoid using the toilet as a garbage can

◘ Rinse dishes in batches instead of running water constantly

◘ Avoid partial loads in dishwasher/ laundry machines

◘ Rinse vegetables in a pot or pail, reuse water on plants or garden

◘ Keep drinking a jug water in the fridge, instead of running the tap

◘ Avoid defrosting foods under running water, keep in fridge over night to defrost

◘ Avoid using a garbarator, vegetable leftovers make great compost and saves water

◘ If using a lawn sprinkler, aim for the plants not the concrete, sprinklers use about 1300 litres of water  per hour

◘ Use a rain barrel to collect water

◘ Set temperatures for hot water heaters, pools, hot tubs correctly

◘ Use a floating cover on swimming pools, even the kids inflatable, slows evaporation

◘ Sweeping followed by using a stiff broom and a bucket of water for scrubbing should eliminate or greatly reduce the need for a power washer for driveways, patios and sidewalks

◘ Use a bucket and soft cloth to wash the car

◘ Collect vegetable scraps. peeling organic yard waste for composting, or see if there is someplace that will accept these items instead of disposing     with the garbage

◘ Do not use chemical pesticides or herbicides

◘ Use biodegradable cleaning products

◘ Air dry clothes

Minimize the use of hair dryers

Recycle or return containers where possible

Reuse or recycle paper products, need packing popcorn, try crumpled paper for most items

◘ donate used items in good shape to a charity, or give to a neighbor in need

◘ Purchase paper made from post consumer recycling sources, bathroom tissue, paper towels, printer paper

◘ Use cloth as much as possible instead of paper towels

◘ Walk up 3 flights of stairs, or down 4 flights at work, also better exercise than using a stairmaster at the gym 🙂

◘ Even if you live in an apartment have a small herb garden, plus you will love the difference in taste from fresh herbs

◘ Eat organic produce as much as possible, local sourced as well if possible

◘ Avoid buying disposable razors, most of the better brands the cartridge will last longer and save you money

◘ Use the library instead of buying books when possible, or an e-reader

◘ Use reusable shopping bags instead of one use plastic from the store, also take a few plastic bags with you to wrap cold or wet items

◘ Plant native species of plants or practice Xeriscaping in your yard

◘ Use power bars to allow turning off seldom used appliances to avoid ghost consumption, as well as protection from spikes

◘ Set your computer monitor to turn off after 10 minutes of no interaction

◘ Most newer computers have power management settings, choose the lowest appropriate setting

◘ Avoid littering

◘ Walk, Rollerblade, skateboard, or ride a bike instead of driving

◘ Use public transit

◘ If you must have a vehicle, make the next one as energy efficient as possible, depending on you needs and driving situation. Some vehicles that are efficient in the city, are poor for long distance commuting

◘ When using a vehicle, make the trips multipurpose, combine shopping with trips from work, or make one longer trip to avoid repeating the same distance

◘ Keep your tires properly inflated, as this can mean a 10% difference in fuel consumption and you will get more mileage out of your tires

◘ Maintain your vehicle, tune ups, oil changes, will help it last and be more efficent

◘ Meditate monthly on your lifestyle and how you can be greener

◘ At election time ask the politicians about environmental issues, if they hear enough voices they will listen

◘ Share these ideas and any others you have with family, friends and co-workers

◘ Add more ideas to this list

◘ Reblog this

◘ Write the ideas you will follow on the blank side of a document you are finished with, sign it, and place it where you will see it daily. It will make it a pledge to yourself


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