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Our stories

What are you writing today?

A unique never to be duplicated story, and you are the main character.

One thing that we all share, that unites us into one family, is that we all have our own unique story. Yet none of us has a story that does not weave through the pages of many others. Think of your family, friends and neighbors, who is the cookbook, who’s the math text, and who’s the love story you just can’t put down? Our book shelves have stories from people we will never meet again, they were briefly in our lives and then gone, however those pages that remind us of them are still there. Think back to your first year in school, who was your first new friend that year, does their story still share pages of your life, or is it a book you have put away, to be reread later. Yet other people are that book we will find next week, perhaps at the library, corner store, or from a friend.

Your story is unique, for even if you have a twin, your stories will not be the same, as in some cases you will be the object of a story, and they are the observer. The events that color your story may be full of dark shadows or full of light. A book may be full of the sorrow of losing a family member or friend. Then only a day later the addition of a new book, about a new family addition is added to the shelf. Most of our stories will contain things such as meetings, first dates, first loves, career tales, and tales from our hearts about joy and pain. Perhaps a new friend will forever be known by the first meal you had together, the flavors, the atmosphere, and mood were just right, that a quick read became a romance you still haven’t put down, waiting breathlessly for the next page. Also as interesting as your story is, we can’t forget those in our story have their own story, about the same events, hence pages in their books about us. Are you curious as to what these pages might say?

As A Buddhist we try to be mindful of what is being written in the story of our lives, right in this very instance. I’m writing some of my story sharing this with you, and by your reading it; I become part of your story. If you give me feedback, as in a like, comment, or re-blog the interaction returns to me or possibly adds another to the story we now share. The more we know of another’s story, the more pages we have read, the more we feel we know this person. Some day we may see them as the protagonist and on others the helpless victim. Regardless they are writing their story under the influences of complex conditions. Some of these were set in place before the cover for the book was produced, and well before the first line written in chapter one. You might consider part of this the preface. The preface consists of our past lives, of the resulting karma we carried with us into this life. It determined whether we were born in a good family that might be poor, but filled with happiness. Perhaps we were born into a rich family, where quality time is not considered important; rather the accumulation of wealth is the motivating factor. However quite often we find these stories take a dramatic turn near the last chapter, to lament over what was missed. Seldom is t about missed business opportunities, rather they seem to be about missed school plays, music recitals not heard, and other family events that were passed over to chase more wealth. The acknowledgments page could be considered as our deja vu or things that seem as if we know them all ready. Somewhere in the book that binds our story together is an about the author. Think how you would write this page about yourself, would it be something you want the world to read, or is it time to work on a rewrite. Consider the book about your life so far, what does it say about you? Take time to reflect on what it says, and then consider how you want your story to end.

After all it’s your autobiography, and you are it’s author.


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5 thoughts on “Our stories

  1. I am left wondering whether my story is a short story or a long-story, a romance or a tragedy, a fiction or a non-fiction, and finally is it a mystery …? Are the words indelible? “The moving finger writes.. and having writ moves on.. ” (Omar Khyaam) Very thought-provoking post – thank you.

  2. I think that my blog is the closest I’ve ever come to an author’s page. But more valuable than anything I have ever written, are the comments I have received. They tell a story about me I didn’t really know, if that makes any sense..If not, blame it on the migraine..

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