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EcoBuddhism or Ecogeddon

I guess you could say this entry is about Cause and Effect. I found a book today titled, A Buddhist Responese to the Climate Emergency. Some of the authors inside include The Dalai Lama, The Karmapa, Thich Nhat Hanh, Bhikku Bodhi, Robert Aitken, Lin Jensen and many others.  Opening it up, I found their website:


Needless to say for the rest of the day I have probably looked as some would say, like the village idiot. Here is a book that combines my spiritual beliefs with my belief in the ecology. I am going to share the the dedication, in hopes it will inspire you to purchase or borrow the book from your local library.

“To the human generations to come,

To our companions, the kingdom of the animals of land, sea, and air,

The great plant kingdom that sustains us all,

The single-celled ones and fungi that recycle and transform,

Al of you who have no voice,

With whom we are inexticably linked

In this net of exquisite energy, this living world.”

John and Diane Stanley from the acknowledgements of the aforementioned book.

I have come to belief mankind does not have to worry about an armegeddon visited upon us by a venegful God as many religions predict, and countless more sciencefiction stories have described. The doomsday cults that have said over 500 times that Armegeddon will occur on the following date, have lined up the stars, the moon, rogue comets, and supernatural entities as the bringer of our doom.

I have been watching as in the last decade more research has shown mankind is the cause of the upcoming sixth extinction event in the planet’s history. In 2004  the Species Survival Commission for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature is released a study that shows that the extinction rate for spieces because of human enviornmental influence is over 100 times faster, than before we show up in fossil records. Not since the last great extinction level event, the disapearance of the dinosaur has our current rate been exceeded. The ICUN was founded 5 October, 1948 under the auspices of UNESCO, to give it a more scientific base. 18 governments, 7 international organizations and national nature conservation organizations signed the charter. One of the key criticisms used against what this body states is that they extrapolate the existance of undiscovered spieces. This is an attitude that was shown against scientists such as Galileo, caused the Library at Alexandria to be destroyed, attacked Darwin’s theory of Evoloution, among many such denials. In the past thi sattitude at times was caused by Religions objecting to anything that did not fit with their version of history. Today the new Religion of Consumerism and it’s under lying belief in sustainable profits over a sustainable enviornment, fight with every weapon available. If it is global warming, then quick find someplace that it didn’t warm up, the glaciers melting, well thats to be expected its happened before. Global warming is the behavior of the total climate of the earth, not one or two isolated regions. According to studies on the glaciers using core samples, there is no recorded melting to match the current rate. In other words those who deny it are making a guess, with no evidence available to support them, or evidence to deny either. So using advertising techniques, they trumpet the message of :Don’t worry be happy, and keep right on buying more stuff.

The Dalai Lama has weighed in after careful consideration. He has publicly endorsed the 350 ppm  Atmospheric CO2 level. 350ppm is considered the upper level of the range that our ecosystem can survive. We are alreay at 385ppm and climbing. If you would like to know more click on the above ecobuddhism.org link.

Buddhist Decleration on Climate Change is also available on their website. I have added my small voice to this growing voice.

More over the next few days.



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