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Metta Benefits us all

Metta is loving kindness towards all, an attitude of exhibiting benevolence to all life, with out discrimination. Metta is for all, can be practised by all, is not only for Buddhists, nor only to be directed towards fellow Buddhists.To promote happiness is our state of mind. We can develop this by first focusing our thoughts on ourselves as we meditate about loving kindness. Thinking of yourself, think of being free from harm or danger, free from physical suffering, free from mental suffering, and may I be happy and content.We meditate using these thoughts towards ourselves, and we will slowly feel ourselves become calmer, happier more at peace. Next we focus on a loved one, a child, a parent or someone else very close to us, and repeat the process. The first while we do this towards another, we should choose someone of the same sex. We think of them as being free from danger or harm, free of physical suffering, free from mental suffering, and they are feeling happy and content. Later once we are able to do this with equanimity and concentration, then we can add other types of people. We can add people of the opposite sex, our spouse, those who we are in a disagreement with, our foes, and those who have passed away. It is important to realize this is a practice that must be developed, not forced. Once we have mastered the first two, then we can add more types of people gradually, becoming proficient with each, before adding the next one. If we practice metta, we will gain benefits here and now as well as in the future.

1.We will have a peaceful and restful sleep.

2. We will gently awaken, in a calm state.

3. We will not be tormented by dad dreams, not kept awake by anxiety.

4. We will be more pleasing to others.

5. Evil spirits will not disturb us.

6. We will be protected by Devas.

7.Misfortunes of the world will not fall upon us. Such as fires, floods, or wars.

8. Improved concentration, and the ability to quickly focus.

9. Others will see us as more pleasing in appearnace, we will be seen to radiate happiness and joy.

10. When we die we will be at peace and content with what we have accomplished during this lifetime.

11. If we have not achieved a higher level of enlightenment at the time of our death, we will be born in a Bhrama world.


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